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Andy forgets to say what happened in the episode. Aah, well.

Embedded player should now be working consistently. I switched from AAC files to MP3 and suddenly Chrome’s player can handle it OK. I shall stick with that for now,

Firstly, Andy reflects on a weekend spent gaming with a bunch of friends during a trip up north.

After this, Roiben joins in to make a start on discussing mental health issues. In particular we talk self-harm, owing to March 1st being Self Injury Awareness Day.


This episode carries the “Explicit” tag for two reasons. Firstly, the gaming section gets sweary in places.

Secondly, some of the topics covered in the Mental Health discussion can get serious, heavy, and potentially triggery. So just be aware that we will be openly discussing things surrounding the topic and if you’re currently in a mood where this can trigger you, you may want to leave it until a better time.

Also, as the gaming section was already a tad sweary, I have not edited out any strong language during the Mental Health section. And as this is an emotionally-charged topic, we do get a tad raw language-wise.

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