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Andy forgets to say what happened in the episode. Aah, well.

Embedded player should now be working consistently. I switched from AAC files to MP3 and suddenly Chrome’s player can handle it OK. I shall stick with that for now,

Well, it seems like the problem is Chrome not liking AAC files (.m4a enhanced podcasts) through an HTML5 player. Other browsers work find and Chrome is fine with MP3.

This is a bit of a bugger, as I like the enhanced format for several reasons. Both from listening and procuring them.

There is a newer player out, so I will look into that. But otherwise I shall be deciding whether to go back to mp3 or to leave the podcast’s primary website only part-usable in one of the major browsers.

OK, so it seems that the player doesn’t work in Chrome or Safari. It definitely works in Firefox. Not had a chance to test it in IE as of yet.

I’ll be trawling libsyn’s help pages to see if I can find a solution.

In trying to bring stuff together under one domain, and to allow myself the ability to switch services and technologies down the line without having to change adresses very time, I have now setup a new domain which contains, amongst other things, the links to my podcast, Here’s the Thing.

The old site is still available over on libsyn, mainly as I’m still using them to host the content and the feed. Blog posts, links to new episodes and any other related information will now go here, however.
Similarly, I have now moved (or at least aliased) the email address to use the same domain as the new site. So everything will look a lot more unified.

From next episode (currently in post production), new updates will be linked here.
Expect the look and feel of the site to shift around a bit over the coming weeks as I figure out what works best.